Want to live a long happy life? It's going to cost you.

05 Oct, 2022 4 mins read
Want to live a long happy life? It's going to cost you.

There's a very clear reason why healthcare is getting more expensive in India over the years. Here's the cost of healthcare per person over the last 20 years.

why healthcare is getting more expensive in India
why healthcare is getting more expensive in India

On the global scale, India's per capita healthcare costs went from $19 (~₹800 in 2000) all the way to $64 (~₹6000). This is because the public health sector is less funded, making the arena of healthcare extremely capitalised. Due to this "free market" in the healthcare sector, with extremely high demand, the prices of private healthcare in India grows at an unprecedented rate.

One of the main problems faced by the healthcare industry is the severe shortage of highly trained medical professionals.

This is why when you go to a doctor for a simple consultation, they charge you a fortune.

These are a few insights into the spending pattern of Indians on healthcare;

  • 67 % of the healthcare spending of Indians is on medicine alone.
  • More than 80 % of Indians pay healthcare providers directly.
  • A record 55 million Indians were pushed into poverty in 2017 all because of the high out-of-pocket health expenses.

These are the top 3 health issues that are treated in India;

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease

Aside from these health concerns, mental health treatment needs are growing more in the urban population of India. Let's understand the cost of treatment for each category.

Cancer Treatment in India
Cancer Treatment in India


The minimum price for Cancer Treatment in India starts from Rs.90,000 going all the way up to Rs.27,50,000.

Taking inflation into consideration, by the year 2040 you'd need approximately Rs.60,00,000 for proper cancer treatment. Cost varies from place to place, Mumbai being the most expensive and Chennai being the cheapest on average. The Stage at which the cancer is detected and treatment is administered are one of the main aspects affecting the cost. This is why choosing an insurance premium with annual health checkups is a good idea.

By 2050 no one under 80 will be dying from cancer, study says UCL Cancer Study

According to this study

This is because of continuous innovation in the preventive and treatment areas, meaning higher costs.

Treating diabetes
Treating diabetes


Treating diabetes costs around Rs.3000 - Rs.8000 on a monthly basis including. With inflation, by the year 2040 that could be between Rs.30,000 - Rs.75,000, monthly. Diabetes is growing alarmingly in India, with more than 65.1 million people with the disease in 2015, compared to 50.8 million in 2010. Right now 1.3 billion Indians suffer with diabetes. One of the main combatants of diabetes is knowing if you're parents or grandparents were affected by it and creating a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise if so.

Type 2 diabetes has a stronger link to family history and lineage than type 1, and studies of twins have shown that genetics play a very strong role in the development of type 2 diabetes.

Investing in a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes during early stages of life is essential.

Heart Disease
Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in India both across the rural and urban populations, according to the World Atlas. Unlike cancer, it is possible to prevent this from an early stage by investing in a healthy lifestyle.

In a regular private hospital, the cost of an open heart surgery ranges from Rs 1.75 lakh to 4.25 lakh. By 2040 this would cost around Rs.12,00,000.

Mental Health
Mental Health

Mental Health

Indians are struggling to keep their minds healthy and at peace. Data from the World Health Organization states that in 2015 over 55 million Indians were depressed.

One of the most reliable ways of getting a good therapist is word of mouth. Reach out to friends and families who may have taken therapy in the past. You can also take a look at reviews of therapists online.

The cost of therapy in India ranges between ₹1000 - ₹3000 and is almost always non-negotiable, and goes all the way up to Rs.20,000 per session, depending on the therapist, their experience, and the patient's case. On average people opt for 2-3 sessions a month. This means a monthly spending of ~Rs.15,000. By the year 2040 therapy sessions could cost around Rs.60,000 per month.

Developing healthy financial habits is a good start
Developing healthy financial habits is a good start

By simply investing Rs.5000 every month, you can create an immense amount of wealth for securing your future. Everyone deserves to live a happy life, and as importantly everyone should live a healthy life. Developing healthy financial habits is a good start!

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