The Weekly Stack 25th February to 3rd March

03 Mar, 20233 mins read
The Weekly Stack 25th February to 3rd March

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🔬 Mukesh Ambani disrupts health industry with genetic testing

🔎 Remember Circuit from Munna Bhai? He’s being penalized by SEBI

👊 OTT and Telecos are at war on grounds of net neutrality

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1. Reliance Enters Genetics

Reliance Enters Genetics
Reliance Enters Genetics

Reliance to make genetic mapping affordable in India

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries is entering the field of genetic mapping, aiming to make the healthcare trend led by US start-ups like 23andMe more affordable and widespread in India's growing consumer market.

Reliance's genome sequencing test cost only ₹12,000

Reliance Industries’s genome test will be rolled out within weeks, and it will be 86% cheaper than other options in india. The test can reveal a person’s predisposition to cancers, cardiac and neuro-degenerative ailments as well as identify inherited genetic disorders.

Our Opinion: Reliance is expanding its business beyond refining and petrochemicals to include consumer and digital services, as well as healthcare. This move into the healthcare industry aims to create a viable business in preventive healthcare as medical treatment costs continue to rise. Reliance sees this as a large opportunity to help households preemptively counter serious medical ailments.

2. SEBI penalizes Arshad Warsi, influencers, and YT channels

SEBI penalizes Arshad Warsi, influencers, and YT channels
SEBI penalizes Arshad Warsi, influencers, and YT channels

SEBI Bars Youtube influencers Over Stock Manipulation

India's Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI) has imposed a heavy penalty on creators of YouTube channels, traders, market analysts, and influencers for their involvement in stock manipulation. The regulator has barred over 50 entities (Noticees) from the securities market for engaging in share “pump and dump”.

YouTube Channels and Traders Accused of Misleading Investors

SEBI's investigation found a nexus of 31 players, including YouTube channels such as Moneywise, The Advisor, MidCap Calls, and Profit Yatra, who have spread false and misleading YouTube videos to lure unsuspecting investors into buying shares of Sharpline Broadcast and Sadhna Broadcast.

Our Opinion: SEBI has cracked down on "finfluencers" who allegedly mislead retail investors with false information, leading to stock manipulation. Following detailed investigations, SEBI is creating strict guidelines for influencers to ensure transparency and accuracy in the dissemination of information.

3. Telcos v/s OTT

Teleco v/s OTT
Teleco v/s OTT

Telcos fighting against OTTs

The COAI, including Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone, wants OTT platforms like Whatsapp, Netflix, and Prime to pay telcos usage charges according to the traffic they generate on networks. This move has been criticized by OTTs for violating net neutrality principles through differential pricing.

OTT Engagement Levels
OTT Engagement Levels

DoT proposes regulation of communication-based apps

The Indian Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is developing a proposal to regulate communication-based apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Facetime, requiring them to pay an interconnect usage charge (IUC) to telecom operators for using their networks, as well as a one-time registration fee. It is unclear whether they would also be subject to a recurring license fee.

Our Opinion: Telcos claim that OTTs/TSPs use their infrastructure to provide the same services, and they should be compensated for it. OTTs argue that this goes against net neutrality principles. The battle lines are drawn, and the outcome will be closely watched. Consumers should prepare for higher bills from both telecom and OTT services.

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