Fixed Deposit Calculator

Fixed Deposit Calculator

Forecast interest earnings and plan your Fixed Deposit (FD) investments using our FD Calculator.

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Up to 12% returns p.a
Up to 12% returns p.a

Earn returns of up to 12% p.a with high-yeild bonds, high-interest corporate FDs and high-quality NCD options.

Passive income
Passive income

Earn a steady passive income with fixed-income instruments with monthly, quarterly or yearly repayments.

Avoid market volaitlity
Avoid market volaitlity

Bonds, NCDs and FDs have low correlation to the stock market. Even during market downturns you can earn steady returns.

Beat inflation
Beat inflation

By investing in Safe Haven assets, you have a better chance of beating inflation by earning steady returns even during market downturns.

Understanding Fixed Deposit Calculator

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What is an FD?

A fixed deposit, commonly known as FD, is a financial investment instrument offered by banks and financial institutions. It is considered one of the safest forms of investment in many countries. In a fixed deposit, an individual invests a lump sum amount for a fixed tenure at a predetermined interest rate. The principal amount and the interest earned are repaid at the end of the maturity period.

What is an FD Calculator?

A FD interest rates calculator financial tool that helps you to calculate the future value of your investment amount, which can help you in many ways. It provides a transparent insight into the potential profits you can gain from investing in fixed deposits. This FD interest calculator enables you to make comparisons between different fixed deposits concerning their interest rates and durations. Particularly beneficial for senior citizens, this calculator helps in understanding the returns tailored for this age group. By utilizing this tool, you can strategize your financial plans efficiently, aligning them with your specific monetary objectives.

How can a FD calculator help you?

A Fixed Deposit calculator or FD interest calculator is a tool that helps people figure out how much money they'll get when their Fixed Deposit matures. It considers things like how long the money will be in the Fixed Deposit, the interest rate, how often the interest is added to the account (quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly), and how the money will be paid out. Different banks offer different options, and this calculator helps you compare them easily.

How to calculate FD maturity amount?

The maturity value of a fixed deposit is determined using the formula MV = (P x r x t)/100, where MV represents the maturity value, P denotes the deposited principal amount, r stands for the interest rate, and t indicates the duration or tenure of the fixed deposit. You can put the principle amount, interested rate of FD and the duration in year and the calculator show the amount you the FD maturity amount

Benfits of the Stack Wealth FD Calculator

There are numerous benefits associated with utilizing Stack Wealth’s FD calculator. The calculator demands minimal effort as it eliminates the need for complex FD calculation formulas. Time is saved significantly since the results are generated within seconds. This precise and free online FD calculator ensures error-free outcomes, enhancing your financial planning accuracy. Thanks to the calculator’s precision, it empowers you to make more effective financial plans. This calculator can be used as fixed deposit interest rate calculator or a post office FD calculator.

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