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Fund AUM 1Y Returns 3Y Returns 5Y Returns
nippon-india-multi-cap-fund-direct-plan-growthNippon India Multi Cap Fund - Direct Plan - GrowthEquity Very High Risk 3 ✬₹34943.27 Cr53.17%33.09%25.37%
nippon-india-elss-tax-saver-fund-direct-plan-growth-optionNippon India ELSS Tax Saver Fund Direct Plan - Growth OptionEquity Very High Risk 2 ✬₹15916.96 Cr47.45%24.15%19.51%
hdfc-arbitrage-fund-wholesale-plan-growthHDFC Arbitrage Fund Wholesale Plan GrowthAlternative Low Risk₹13128.85 Cr7.89%5.75%5.12%
nippon-india-equity-hybrid-fund-direct-plan-growth-optionNippon India Equity Hybrid Fund - Direct Plan - Growth OptionAllocation Very High Risk 2 ✬₹3724.91 Cr31.42%18.35%14.12%
sbi-psu-regular-growthSBI PSU Regular GrowthEquity Very High Risk₹3694.68 Cr94.88%41.37%26.86%
franklin-india-equity-advantage-fund-direct-growthFranklin India Equity Advantage Fund Direct GrowthEquity Very High Risk 2 ✬₹3510.46 Cr38.42%17.87%19.11%
uti-conservative-hybrid-fund-regluar-plan-growthUTI Conservative Hybrid Fund Regluar Plan GrowthAllocation Moderately High risk 4 ✬₹1588.20 Cr15.64%10.54%9.75%
quant-focused-fund-growth-option-direct-planQuant Focused fund Growth Option Direct PlanEquity Very High Risk 5 ✬₹1059.04 Cr50.65%24.82%25.55%
lic-mf-nifty-50-etfLIC MF Nifty 50 ETFEquity Very High Risk 3 ✬₹819.42 Cr26.45%16.85%17.47%
canara-robeco-ultra-short-term-fund-direct-plan-growth-optionCanara Robeco Ultra Short Term Fund Direct Plan Growth optionFixed Income Low to Moderate Risk 4 ✬₹501.12 Cr7.10%5.62%5.38%
nippon-india-equity-savings-direct-growthNippon India Equity Savings Direct GrowthAllocation Moderate Risk 2 ✬₹481.60 Cr13.52%9.63%4.95%
nippon-india-equity-savings-growthNippon India Equity Savings GrowthAllocation Moderate Risk 1 ✬₹481.60 Cr12.52%8.69%4.08%
axis-gilt-fund-growthAxis Gilt Fund GrowthFixed Income Moderate Risk 4 ✬₹405.73 Cr8.78%5.71%6.58%
canara-robeco-gilt-fund-direct-plan-growth-optionCanara Robeco Gilt Fund Direct Plan Growth optionFixed Income Moderate Risk 4 ✬₹110.31 Cr8.49%5.95%6.11%
quantum-multi-asset-fund-of-funds-direct-growthQuantum Multi Asset Fund of Funds - Direct GrowthAllocation Moderate Risk₹56.76 Cr18.92%11.44%11.18%

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