BOB RD Calculator

BOB RD Calculator

Forecast the maturity value of your Recurring Deposit (RD) with ease using our BOB RD Calculator.

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Understanding BOB RD Calculator

What is the BOB RD Calculator?arrowHow Does the BOB RD Calculator Work?arrowWhat Is the BOB RD Formula?arrowHow to Use the Online BOB RD Calculator?arrowBenefits of Using the BOB RD Calculatorarrow

What is the BOB RD Calculator?

A Recurring Deposit (RD) is an investment scheme that involves making regular monthly deposits, and the bank pays interest over time. The BOB RD calculator, available on platforms like Angel One, assists individuals in estimating the returns from a recurring deposit with the Bank of Baroda for a specific tenure.

This online calculator considers factors like the monthly deposit amount, tenure, and applicable interest rate to quickly calculate the maturity amount and interest earned. Interest in RDs is typically compounded quarterly, and the maturity amount is the sum of all investments and earned interest during the investment period.

The BOB RD calculator is a convenient and efficient tool for individuals looking to invest in a recurring deposit with the Bank of Baroda, providing insights for informed decision-making about potential returns.

How Does the BOB RD Calculator Work?

An RD calculator computes the maturity amount and interest earned on a recurring deposit using the compound interest formula. Factors such as deposit term and depositor's age can influence RD interest rates. By entering monthly investment amount, interest rates, and tenure into the online RD calculator, users can quickly determine the total value of their investment at maturity, along with estimated returns and the overall amount invested.

What Is the BOB RD Formula?

The interest on Recurring Deposits (RDs) is determined by banks and varies with the investment tenure. RD interest is compounded quarterly after an initial period of earning simple interest.

For example, if an investor starts an RD in June, they earn simple interest until September, after which interest is compounded quarterly. The quarters for RD investments are April to June, July to September, October to December, and January to March.

The formula for calculating Post Office RD interest and maturity value is:


Where, M = Maturity value

R = Monthly Instalment

N = Number of Quarters (tenure)

i = Rate of interest

How to Use the Online BOB RD Calculator?

To calculate the maturity value of your RD using the BOB RD calculator online:

  • Choose your category (regular citizen or senior citizen).
  • Enter the monthly investment amount.
  • Specify the duration of the recurring deposit in years and months.
  • Provide the applicable rate of interest.
  • The BOB RD calculator will then present the total interest you can earn and the maturity value of your recurring deposit.

    Benefits of Using the BOB RD Calculator

    Below are some of the advantages of using the online BOB RD calculator:

  • Accurate results
  • Financial planning
  • Time-saving
  • Flexibility and customisation
  • Financial awareness
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