ICICI SIP Calculator

ICICI SIP Calculator

Calculate the returns of your SIP with ICICI Systematic Investment Plan Calculator

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Simple & Convinient
Simple & Convinient

All the mutual fund SIPs can be tracked easily on the app. Get regular reports & updates on how your SIPs are performing.

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Manage Risk

Stack helps to choose the best SIPs based on your risk profile to manage risks and to ensure optimal risk-adjusted returns.

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Financial Planning

We recommed the right asset allocation for your investments to ensure you reach your specific financial goals on time.

Finacial Discipline
Finacial Discipline

Our SIP plans help you create financial discipline by automating your investments every month, relieveing you of the burden to plan your investments every month.

Understanding ICICI SIP Calculator

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What is a Systematic Investment Plan SIP?

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a widely embraced and user-friendly investment option, especially for the common individual. This approach allows investors to contribute small amounts of money at regular intervals. It serves as a convenient entry point for individuals seeking exposure to the stock market and equities. SIP's advantages become most pronounced when employed for the long term (5+ years). SIP investing provides benefits through financial discipline and the concept of rupee cost averaging. By consistently investing in mutual funds across market cycles, the average cost of investment decreases. Over the long term, this reduction in cost aids in enhancing overall growth. Consequently, investors can accumulate substantial wealth over an extended period.

What is an ICICI SIP Calculator?

The ICICI SIP calculator is a valuable tool for estimating potential mutual fund SIP returns. By inputting details such as investment amount, duration, mutual fund name, etc., users can compute potential returns and determine the wealth gained through SIP mutual fund investments. It's crucial to understand that while the calculator provides an estimation of potential returns, it doesn't guarantee actual returns. Market-linked and subject to variations, the actual returns may be higher or lower than the estimate based on the performance of the mutual fund. Investors can use the ICICI SIP calculator to calculate potential returns and make informed investment decisions.

How can an ICICI SIP Calculator help you?

The ICICI SIP calculator is effortlessly user-friendly. Input the SIP amount and expected returns, and it will estimate potential returns. Users can set a target amount, and the calculator will compute the required monthly investment.

Accuracy Assured: The calculator provides highly accurate estimations based on user inputs. It's crucial to note that it doesn't guarantee returns but offers a reliable estimate based on the provided data.

Swift Results: Results are generated within seconds, saving investors valuable time and effort in calculating SIP returns. The fast computation enhances the user experience.

Effective Financial Planning: By offering estimates of potential returns, the calculator aids in meticulous financial planning. Investors can make informed decisions about their investments by understanding the expected outcomes.

Free Access: The SIP calculator is accessible for free on Scripbox's website. Users can utilize it multiple times to compare various scenarios, enabling them to make well-informed choices about different SIP plans.

How to use an ICICI SIP Calculator?

Stack's ICICI SIP calculator, available online for free, offers two distinct approaches to calculate potential returns: the Monthly SIP and Target Amount methods.

Monthly SIP Approach:Users input the Monthly SIP Investment amount, Investment period, Expected return percentage, and Step-up percentage (if any). For example, if Mr. Ashwin invests INR 25,000 monthly for 10 years with a 13% expected return and 10% annual step-up, the calculator estimates a Wealth gained of INR 41,08,241 and a Maturity value of INR 88,89,341.

Target Amount Approach:This approach determines the monthly investment needed to reach a set target amount. Users input the Target amount, Investment period, Expected return percentage, and Annual SIP investment step-up percentage. For instance, if Ms. Nandini aims to accumulate INR 1.5 crore in 15 years, expecting a 12% return and a 10% annual SIP step-up, she should invest INR 17,273 monthly. The total wealth gained is INR 84,15,007, with a total investment of INR 65,84,993. Visit the Scripbox website to use the ICICI SIP calculator for precise estimates and informed investment decisions.

SIP vs Lumpsum investment – How to choose?

  • Investors face a choice between SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and lump sum investments in mutual funds, each with its distinct process. Lump sum entails a one-time investment, requiring substantial funds and a deeper risk understanding. In contrast, SIP involves regular, smaller investments, eliminating concerns about market timing and volatility.
  • Lump Sum Investing:Requires a significant disposal amount.Demands a robust understanding of risk. And best suited for investors with ample funds and risk awareness.
  • SIP Investing: Involves small, regular investments. Eliminates the need to time the market. And is ideal for those with limited funds and risk aversion.

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