LIC SIP Calculator

LIC SIP Calculator

Calculate the returns of your SIP with LIC Systematic Investment Plan Calculator

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Simple & Convinient
Simple & Convinient

All the mutual fund SIPs can be tracked easily on the app. Get regular reports & updates on how your SIPs are performing.

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Manage Risk

Stack helps to choose the best SIPs based on your risk profile to manage risks and to ensure optimal risk-adjusted returns.

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Financial Planning

We recommed the right asset allocation for your investments to ensure you reach your specific financial goals on time.

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Finacial Discipline

Our SIP plans help you create financial discipline by automating your investments every month, relieveing you of the burden to plan your investments every month.

Understanding LIC SIP Calculator

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What is LIC MUTUAL FUND SIP Calculator?

The LIC Mutual Fund SIP calculator is a robust tool designed to help investors estimate the potential returns on their mutual fund investments made through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). In essence, the LIC Mutual Fund SIP Calculator is an online resource that enables users to calculate the required SIP amount to achieve their financial goals, considering the expected annual return, when invested in LIC Mutual Fund mutual funds through SIP.

How does LIC MUTUAL FUND SIP calculator work?

The LIC Mutual Fund SIP calculator is crafted to provide investors and individuals with insights into their mutual fund investments. Returns on mutual fund investments can vary based on the chosen investment scheme from LIC Mutual Fund. This SIP LIC Mutual Fund calculator assists users in estimating the future value of an SIP in mutual funds, considering a specific rate of return and time period.

How to Use the LIC MUTUAL FUND SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Return Calculator?

a. SIP calculations pose complexity when done manually, even for those familiar with the formula, often consuming considerable time. Our calculator ensures swift, accurate results in seconds.

b. Manual SIP calculations are intricate and time-consuming, even for those acquainted with the formula. The calculator provides rapid, accurate results, saving valuable time.

c. Solve the complexity of SIP calculations manually, a time-consuming task, with ease using our calculator, ensuring accurate results in a matter of seconds.

LIC MUTUAL FUND SIP Calculator Formula

The LIC SIP calculator employs a formula incorporating four variables to predict returns:

FV = [P x R x (1 + i) n-1/i] x (1 + i)

  • P is the number of instalments made
  • R is the expected rate of return.
  • i is the interest rate per period.
  • n is the number of instalments made.
  • Benefits of using LIC MUTUAL FUND SIP Return calculator

    The LIC SIP calculator utilizes historical performance data of LIC mutual fund schemes to estimate their performance. This user-friendly tool aids in making informed investment decisions by providing insights into the fund's standing within its category. Key benefits of the LIC SIP calculator include its user-friendliness, simplification of calculations, and the swift generation of potential return results, eliminating the need for manual and time-consuming calculations.

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