Ram Mandir shakes up the markets

13 Jan, 20241 min read
Ram Mandir shakes up the markets

In a nutshell

🛕 Ayodhya Ram Mandir becomes a new investing theme. 

📈 Adani’s net worth rises by ~₹9 lakh crore, while Ambani’s falls by nearly the same amount.

🪙 SEC approves rule changes that pave the way for bitcoin ETFs - Crypto bros & traders unite!

💸 Pakistan secures final IMF approval for $700 million loan.

The big story: The Holiest Investing Trend

The buzz around Ayodhya's Ram Mandir inauguration is immense. What’s more interesting is the impact on the stock market, especially in the hospitality sector. Praveg Ltd.'s stock, an exhibition management company, soared 70% in a month. Hotel prices are spiking, with luxury accommodations like Ayodhya Tent City in high demand.

The Ayodhya International Airport and new flight routes by IndiGo have uplifted airline stocks. Over a thousand additional trains by IRCTC have boosted their stock value, aiding travel. Tourism growth is benefiting companies like Thomas Cook and EaseMyTrip. Technology, like Genesys International's digital mapping of Ayodhya, adds a modern touch.

What our experts say

"The tourism industry tends to take off towards the end of the year. The push for domestic tourism, along with pilgrimages and spirituality tourism might lead to a rise in hotel and hospitality stocks."

—Smriti Tomar, CEO of Stack Wealth

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