The Weekly Stack 29th Oct - 4th Nov

04 Nov, 20223 mins read
The Weekly Stack 29th Oct - 4th Nov

Here’s what’s happening in the world of finance.

🎬 Bollywood’s VFX industry is on the rise with minor speed bumps.

📱 Twitter & Netflix experiment with monetization.

⛑️ Seoul & Gujrat face unexpected disasters - how do you prepare for the unexpected?

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Bollywood’s VFX Stocks
Bollywood’s VFX Stocks

Bollywood’s VFX Stocks

The current opinion of moviegoers

The Internet called Pathaan's VFX, in a recently released teaser, embarrassing. 'Looks like crowd-funded B-grade movie from Hollywood' one viewer said. VFX in Bollywood has always faced criticism for being unprofessional and ruining the overall experience. But some movies have shown great promise.

India’s VFX Companies show promise

The stock of Phantom Digital Effects which was listed on October 21, 2022, on NSE SME, skyrocketed by a whopping 229%. They have been associated with popular movies including Vikram, RRR, Bahubali and Minnal Murali.

Golden Era of VFX

India's VFX industry was valued at around Rs.83 bn in 2021 (in spite of the adverse effects of the pandemic) with estimates for 2024 indicating a growth rate of 29% with the industry's value amounting to Rs.180 bn.

VFX Industry Growth
VFX Industry Growth

Stack’s Verdict: Global VFX Market will generate new opportunities with growth of a CAGR 10.9% and is estimated to reach a value of $48.9 Billion by 2028. Due to the booming market, and relevant opportunities in OTT and gaming (with the rise of 5G) this will generate more employment and growth in the Indian IT sector.

Twitter & Netflix: Subscription & Ads
Twitter & Netflix: Subscription & Ads 

Twitter & Netflix: Subscription & Ads

Elon’s got bills to pay

Elon Musk announced that the Twitter Verification Tick will come with a monthly cost of $8 (Rs 135 in India). This is to eradicate spam accounts and make the platform less dependent on ads.

Netflix gets ads

Netflix’s new advertisement-supported service will launch on Thursday. Selling adverts is a technique to generate new sources of income. Its subscriber base shrank for 2 consecutive quarters this year, resulting in a halving of its market worth.

How China’s Youtube stays fresh

China’s youtube - ‘Bilibili’ has a membership quiz that added the benefit of being able to teach the platform’s users specific rules of engagement to foster a healthy and positive community. That’s how it stays free without any subscription service.

Stack’s Verdict: Although this move was to generate revenue, now that anyone can be verified on twitter, this may conflict with an account’s authenticity. Netflix on the other hand may save the streaming service revenue-wise but viewers may not be happy about seeing ads on what used to be an ad-free service.

Seoul & Gujrat Calamity
Seoul & Gujrat Calamity

Seoul & Gujrat Calamity

Man-Made Disasters

More than 150 people have died in a crowd crush while celebrating Halloween in one of Seoul’s most popular nightlife districts. Consequently, the horror in the town of Morbi with the bridge collapsing was one of the worst tragedies, killing 135 people.

Always be ready with your will

Unexpected demise is unfortunate, but it’s better to leave a Will behind for loved ones. A Will can be hand-written or typed clearly specifying one's personal details, family details, property details, bequeath details, and details of both witnesses. While signing it you must invite two witnesses to sign on all the pages in their presence.

Inheritance Tax in India

India’s 1961 income tax act clearly states that any asset that is inherited, whether fixed or movable, is not subject to tax payment. In other words, this means that if e.,g., you inherit a villa, you are not liable to pay any inheritance tax. However, if you sell the estate, you will be entitled to tax payments.

Stack’s Verdict: Be prepared for unexpected situations with a will, and keep all documents supporting your financial assets physically and digitized securely.

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