Everything About Your Investments in One Place

03 Aug, 20223 mins read
Everything About Your Investments in One Place

Exit loads, PE Ratios, Expense Ratios - the list of jargon goes on. It’s like a thick wall of heavy terms exists between you and your own money once you invest it. None of these directly answer the questions about your investments. Questions like

  • What are my total returns?
  • What are my expected returns in 3 years?
  • Which investment is performing the best?
  • When should I sell?

Investing should be as simple as allowing your money to grow, instead of letting it sit in some FD losing value due to inflation. We aim to make it easier for you to keep track and analyze this growth when you invest with Stack.

Thanks to our latest update, understanding your investments and where they’re headed just got a lot simpler. And it is easier than it looks with our convenient & straightforward UI. Find the new Portfolio section in Stack (version 2.11.1, available only on Android for now) to get updates, insights, analytics and every little detail about your investments across all your Stacks. Now you can

  • Track all your investments.
  • Analyze your invested companies & geographies.
  • Predict your returns.
  • See your asset & sector split, and more



Daily Dose of Insight

Did one of your Stacks perform way better than the others this month? Are you missing out on profits by not investing in a Stack? Leave these questions to us, and find all the answers you're looking for on the “Daily Insights” feature in your “Portfolio” section. Find out your top-performing Stack or how much of your Stack's goal you've accomplished and more on a carousel slider.

Daily Insights
Daily Insights

Understand where your Investments are going

With a general understanding of the market situation, it's useful to know what companies you're invested in, along with the geographical locations of these investments. Now you can see the Top Companies in Your Portfolio and the Geographies You Invested In. A diversified portfolio goes a long way to secure your wealth. Learn how your investment assets have been split between Equity, Debt, Gold, US Stocks, & Crypto. The feature allows you to see exactly what fund you have invested in when you tap on the specific asset category. Furthermore, you can now see the Sectoral Distribution of your Investments (For example IT, Healthcare, Industrial etc.).

Asset Categories
Investment in Top companies

Investment Duration, Prediction & More

Diversification doesn’t just mean different assets & companies. How far your financial goal is matters too. A good portfolio includes short & long-term goals. Find out how many of your investments are curated for goals within the next three years, and for those that aim beyond. Now you can also Predict your investment growth for the next month, year, or three years and more with the analytics feature.

You can always create a goal, even if you’re not ready to invest. Create a Stack for your goal and assess its portfolio for yourself before you invest in it. The Stack will automatically be added to your “Wishlist”. By understanding the sectoral & asset split, and companies in the portfolio, you can be assured that once you start investing, you will definitely reach your goal.

A good portfolio

Experience how simple investing can be by exploring the new “Portfolio” section on the Stack App.


disclaimer: the information provided in this blog is for general informational purposes only. it should not be considered as personalised investment advice. each investor should do their due diligence before making any decision that may impact their financial situation and should have an investment strategy that reflects their risk profile and goals. the examples provided are for illustrative purposes. past performance does not guarantee future results. data shared from third parties is obtained from what are considered reliable sources; however, it cannot be guaranteed. any articles, daily news, analysis, and/or other information contained in the blog should not be relied upon for investment purposes. the content provided is neither an offer to sell nor purchase any security. opinions, news, research, analysis, prices, or other information contained on our blog services, or emailed to you, are provided as general market commentary. stack does not warrant that the information is accurate, reliable or complete. any third-party information provided does not reflect the views of stack. stack shall not be liable for any losses arising directly or indirectly from misuse of information. each decision as to whether a self-directed investment is appropriate or proper is an independent decision by the reader. all investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money invested.

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