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Learn about our rewards program to earn more rewards through referrals.




What is the minimum balance required for rewards withdrawal?

Minimum balance required for withdrawal is a redeemable amount of Rs. 999/-


How can I earn rewards on the app?

We want to reward you for being a disciplined investor! Here are three ways you can earn rewards:

  1. Just by signing up successfully, you will get Rs. 100/- as a reward.
  2. If you use a referral code when signing up, you will receive Rs. 50/- in rewards.
  3. If you share your referral code & the person you referred makes an investment and retains it for over 90 days, you will get Rs. 1000/- in rewards.
  4. If the person you referred invests in asset classes other than mutual funds you will earn rewards. Additionally, if their total portfolio reaches 1L, 2L, 5L, 7.5L, or 10L, you will receive rewards.


Is there is any lock-in for my rewards?

Your rewards can be withdrawn after the referred user remains invested in the portfolio for more than 90 days. Only then will the you be able to redeem your rewards. Additionally, please note that the minimum redeemable amount for cash withdrawal is Rs. 999/-.


What happens to my rewards when I close my account?

Your rewards are retracted if you close the account before maturity.


How can i refer my friend to Stack?

You can earn rewards by referring your friends to the platform.

Please follow these steps to invite your friend and family or family member to Stack.

  1. Tap on the rewards section on the navigation bar.
  2. Tap on the �refer now� button.
  3. Select �allow� to give permission to access your contact list.
  4. Tap on the �invite� button to refer someone.

Do make sure your friend successfully invests on Stack and retains their investment for more than 90 days to successfully unlock your referral rewards.


Does my referred friend get rewards after signing up?

Yes, your referred friend earns Rs. 100 as a sign up bonus and additional Rs. 50 for using referral code while signing up.


How much time does it take for the rewards to get credited to my account when withdrawn in cash?

It can take upto 7 to 10 days for the cash to get credited to your account post redemption.


What happens to my reward if my referred friend withdraws before the 90 day period?

The rewards that you earned from the referral of that friend will get affected if your referred friend withdraws their investment before 90 day period.


I can't find my friend's contact details on the app, how do I manually add them?

You can go to the "Referral History" page in the "Rewards" section and tap on "What if I am missing a referral?" to add a referral manually.


How to refer a friend?

You can earn rewards by referring your friends to the platform. Please follow the following steps to invite your friend and family:-

  1. Tap on the rewards section on the navigation bar.
  2. Tap on the �refer now� button.
  3. Tap on the �invite� button to refer your friends and family to the platform.

We highly recommend you to go through the T&C of the referral program for a better understanding of the program.

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