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Frequently asked questions related to investments made on the Stack Wealth app.




Where is my money invested?

Depending on the Investment Strategy recommended, your money is allocated between
- Equity
- Debt
- Gold
- Global Equity
- Alternative Investments.

We currently provide access to best in class options across the above labelled asset classes.

At Stack, we continuously strive to bring in a diverse range of investment options and strategies for our users including - Flagship
- Thematic Portfolio
- Goal based Portfolio
- Flash (Short-term P2P Investment)

and many more unique investment opportunities for all sorts of ticket sizes and investments goals.


What if I need to withdraw my money?

You have the flexibility to withdraw your funds whenever you choose to, and we ensure that your withdrawals are tax optimized through our Exit Smart Approach�.

However, the processing time for successful redemptions or withdrawals may vary depending on the type of funds and assets, and may take anywhere from 3-7 working days.

Please note that for Mutual Funds, there could be occasional delays in the process from the Asset Management Companies (AMCs), which is beyond our control. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at, and our team will be happy to assist you.


How are the strategies created and how do I know that it's good for me?

Our team of talented and experienced investment professionals are burning the midnight oil so that you get access to the best possible investment strategies that sets you up for life!

Through our proprietary Smart Stack Approach�, we curate the perfect investment strategy for you. When you complete the Coffee Chat, it helps us determine your true risk appetite and personal investing style. Based on this data, aptly combined with the current market conditions we then recommend the best investment strategies that align with your needs and help you reach your goals faster.

We have a robust product selection process that takes into account both quantitative as well as qualitative factors. Another revolutionary aspect of the Smart Stack Approach� is that it helps you to ascertain how your portfolio's future returns are likely to pan out.


What are the payment methods available for investing?

Post completion of the process of linking your bank account, you can choose to invest using either via Netbanking or UPI option.


How to set up an SIP?

While making an investment, you can choose the 'monthly SIP' option to set up an SIP. You can also choose the frequency of the installment as per your convenience.


Why do I need to give a mandate?

Mandate is a part of the operational requirement to initiate the auto-debit feature for your SIP.


How long does it take for my units to be allocated after placing a purchase order?

The AMC usually takes around 3-5 working days to process the allotment, but please keep in mind that there may be occasional delays in the process that are beyond our control.


How soon can I get the money after withdrawing from the app?

Successful redemptions/withdrawals from different funds and assets require different duration of time ranging from 3-7 working days.

Disclaimer: For Mutual Funds, there can be occasional delays in the process from the AMCs and the timeline is not under our control.

Incase of any query, please free to get in touch at and our team will help you to resolve it.


What happens if my account balance is low and SIP investment payment is due?

We provide prompt notifications about upcoming SIPs well in advance, 10 days and 5 days prior to the due date. However, if your account balance is insufficient and the SIP investment payment is due, the transaction will be reversed after a few days.

Please be advised that certain banks may impose fees if the Autopay transaction fails due to an insufficient balance.


Is there any fees associated with my investments?

There is no transaction fees associated with the investment. Stack do not charge any fees when you invest or withdraw your funds in Stack Flash.


In which bank account will the interest be credited?

The interests earned on the Flash will be credited to the source primary account that you linked with Stack during your investment.


Can I customise the portfolio?

Absolutely yes! We at Stack fully realize that you are the master of your own universe and would be happy to be in complete control of your investment decision.

Hence while we do show you the recommended model portfolios under each investment strategy listed on Stack, we do allow users to play around and optimize/modify the strategy to their own individual preferences.

However it would be pertinent to note that eventual indicative returns may vary materially and that Stack would not be responsible for such deviations that occur on account of user actions.

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