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Invest in India’s growth story

A portfolio that aims to ride the secular high growth opportunities in the Indian infrastructure space such as roads, railways, ports, and power.

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introducing: Building India

As India grows from a $3 trillion economy to a $10 trillion economy, we aim to get invested in Companies that are building the necessary infrastructure such as Roads, Railways, Ports, Power, and more. These initiatives will improve connectivity and reduce logistics costs, making it easier for businesses to operate in the country. Participating and investing in India's growth story can lead to significant opportunities and returns for businesses and investors alike.

investment strategy

The Building India portfolio follows a flexi-cap investment strategy. A majority of its assets are allocated to equity and related securities in infrastructure sectors and a minority of its holdings in non-infrastructure stocks or debt. The approach aims to balance risk and return through thorough research, including top-down macro and bottom-up micro-analysis, with a counter-cyclical strategy to avoid overexposed sectors.


A mix of top-down macro and bottom-up micro research to pick up stocks providing long-term potential.


Blend investment across market caps, opportunistically investing outside benchmarks.


Overweight exposure to the core sectors which can benefit from the revival of the capital cycle & economic reforms.

What you are investing in


Companies engaged in the infrastructure theme: telecom, power, logistics, etc. across market caps.


Government-focused projects: Railways, mining, defence, EPC, clean energy etc.


Modern driving forces of capital expenditure like 5G, Data Centers, EV Charging infrastructures, coal gasification


Real estate focused on affordable housing & defence companies with strategic partnerships.

historical performance in global markets

Over the past 1, 3, and 5 years, most infrastructure-focused funds have outperformed benchmark indices. The fund is benchmarked against the Sensex and Nifty 50, which track the performance of the 30 largest and 50 largest companies listed on the BSE and NSE, respectively.

Building India-benchmark

Building India: pros & cons

  • Long track record of performance.
  • High annualized returns.
  • Potential for high returns over the next decade.
  • High risk due to changing government policies.
  • High volatility due to exposure to small-cap and mid-cap companies.
  • Invests in a narrow sector.

annualized past returns

The Factor Focused portfolio encompasses a multi-factor strategy combining various attributes like value, growth, and low volatility to seek enhanced returns and diversification.

risk rating

Very High


who should invest in this

The Building India portfolio is suitable for investors who are looking to invest in India's growth story and who have a long-term investment horizon of at least 5 years. Some of the specific qualities that would make an investor a good fit for this portfolio are a long-term investment horizon, high-risk tolerance, appreciation for the Indian economy, and prioritisation of diversification. The portfolio is high-risk, as it invests in small-cap and mid-cap companies. However, it has the potential to generate high returns as the Indian economy grows with rising investments in critical infrastructure.



18-40 years

Risk Profile


Investment Horizon

5+ Years

Returns Expectations

Capital appreciation that matches economic growth

Ideal Financial goals

Long-term wealth creation, generational wealth


current holdings

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Ultimate Value

5+ Years investment horizon


3 year CAGR



A long-term investment strategy that invests in undervalued companies with solid fundamentals.

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Factor Focused

3+ Years investment horizon


5 year CAGR



Ideal for quant geeks, this portfolio employs attributes like low volatility and high momentum, capturing distinct risk-return profiles in stocks.

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