All you need to know about - The Celebrity

28 Dec, 20211 min read
All you need to know about - The Celebrity

Loud, vivacious and authentic Celebrities genuinely value living life in the moment.

Who really is The Celebrity?

The celebrity is anyone who believes in living life KING-SIZE, they are often bold, spontaneous and don’t have the word ‘regret’ in their dictionaries! Always the life of every party or the friend that buys the table their first round of shots, The Celebrity believes in enjoying the finer things in life and not worrying too much about it.

Afterall you only live once!

Celebrity's guide to the universe

Celebrities often value experiences over anything. When it comes to things they love and are passionate about, they go for it, no matter what. They are the ones who bring that bit of chaotic ✨spice✨ and crack-head energy to everything they do!

The Celebrity’s Money Mantra

When it comes to money, Celebrities have a simple funda- paisa haath ka mael hai 😎 and nothing, absolutely NOTHING, can stop celebrities from living life according to their terms- not society, nor rules, definitely not money!

So what’s in store for Celebrities on Stack?

1. More Money = More Savings 💸

With Stack, Celebs don’t have to compromise on their lifestyles instead they can use it to earn as they spend, enabling them to make healthier financial decisions.

2. 99 problems but savings ain’t one 🙅‍♂️

It can be a hassle to keep up with different goals, our investing rules are adapted to different lifestyles, so that Celebrities can customize them to their spending habits and kickstart a good savings discipline. Like saving INR 250, in their rainy day Stack, for every purchase above INR 2,500, and hence saving effortlessly!

3. Budget FTW 💪🏽

Stack can also bring some perspective in Celebrity lives, helping them take charge of their future goals and ambitions by budgeting efficiently and allowing them to quantify their priorities as needs and wants

4. Stack : ‘Main hoon na’ 😎 / Run savings on autopilot ✈️

With automated monthly savings Celebs only have to set and leave the rest to us! Their savings then need no manual effort.

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