All you need to know about - The Lounger

28 Dec, 20212 mins read
All you need to know about - The Lounger

Loungers firmly believe in valuing simplicity and the ease of convenience

If we could define Loungers as anything it would be relaxed. They don’t like fussing about tiny mundane details and prefer going with the flow. They are easy-going and uncomplicated and enjoy life best when it's stress-free.

The Lounger’s guide to the universe

Loungers are the friends who help you relax when you are hyperventilating about some guy/girl who didn’t text you back! The Chillsters of every group, loungers HATE planning and over complicating things. Instead, they prefer not thinking and worrying about problems and only crossing a bridge when they come to it.

The Loungers Money Mantra

When it comes to money, Loungers believe - Jo hoga dekha jaeyga! They like managing money the way they manage life, as plain-sailing as possible ⛵️.

Afterall, mo’ money mo’ problems, right?

What's in store for Loungers on Stack?

1. That Sweet Simple Life 😎👍🏻

For those whose idea of saving is usually a piggy-bank 🐷, Stack has Investment Rules- designed to automate their savings and investment strategies and making them completely hassle-free.

2. Leave your brain at home 🧠

Loungers HATE planning, but making smart investments need some serious brainpower. With Stack, experts design your portfolios based on customized parameters such as individual risk appetites and term periods, so Loungers can leave all the thinking to us.

Our advice to Loungers

  1. Ostriches aren’t always cute

You know how Ostriches stick their heads in the sand, when they want to avoid making difficult decisions? Yeah, don’t do that! Loungers may have big plans, but can struggle with the motivation to achieve it. Even if they happen to be financially comfortable, Loungers must make the effort to know a few basic things such as what their monthly expenses are, if they have monetary commitments like loans or debts to pay off etc. to know where they stand financially.

2. Planning now avoids future stress

While planning for the future may seem anxiety inducing, Loungers can definitely benefit from it since it can avoid major financial stress and uncertainty later. Being responsible with finances doesn’t have to entail stocking up for the apocalypse - but just accounting for emergencies, payments, rainy-day funds or even retirement.

Some famous characters who share The Lounger Stack Avatar

Phoebe Buffay- Friends, Sid- Wake up Sid, Avi- YJHD

Music Loungers loveee jamming to-

Kya Karoon- Wake up Sid, The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars, Young, Wild and Free- Wiz Khalifa

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