All you need to know about - The Pennywise

28 Dec, 20212 mins read
All you need to know about - The Pennywise

Smart and thrifty folk who wholeheartedly believe in conserving wealth resources

The Pennywise are those who understand the intrinsic value of money and dread squandering it. Whether it be an emergency or saving up for a rainy day, the Pennywise always play for the long run, usually having their eyes on the prize- early retirement.

The Pennywise’s guide to the universe

The Pennywise know that money doesn’t grow on trees and to really acquire wealth you don’t just save wisely, but spend wisely too. They avoid frivolous and unnecessary expenses and have a hell lotta self-control.
Pennywise are the friends you go fashion street shopping with, because they just KNOW the right and affordable places to shop and bargain for a good discount.

The Pennywise’s Money Mantra

When it comes to most things in life the Pennywise firmly believes - chaadar dekh ke paon phailao. Pennywise are advocates of living according to your means and when it comes to money they are no different. The Pennywise is smart, frugal yet not stingy- they believe in spending for expenses that are essential and avoiding a big hullabaloo. They prefer minimalistic and simple pleasures in life.

What’s in store for The Pennywise on Stack?

1. Ek pal ka jeena 😎
Moderation is the key of life, and it's true- you only live once. With Stack, Pennywise don't always have to cut corners, but can budget efficiently enough to enjoy small indulgences occasionally. Afterall, that's what life is all about!

2. Smart Saving 🧠
Stack can help Pennywise save smartly and account for their future financial goals more systematically. By creating different Stacks, Pennywise can visualise their goals and save for multiple ones simultaneously, even customising them with a target amount or target date.

Our advice for The Pennywise

Hard-work Smart-work
While being master savers help Pennywise from certainly avoiding financial ruin, they often tend to get blindsided by their habit to avoid splurging. For eg, a Pennywise is more likely to stick with their good-ol’ broken AC - that leaks 5 times a year and needs multiple repairs instead of just buying a new one that can not just conserve energy but help them avoid the maintenance costs in the long run.

Some famous characters who share the Pennywise Stack Avatar
Shyam from Hera Pheri, Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter, Gina from B99

Books the Pennywise loves reading
Rich dad, Poor dad, How to Win friends and Influence People, Spark Joy

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