Introducing Stacks™ - The smartest way to save

05 Aug, 20212 mins read
Introducing Stacks™ - The smartest way to save

We get it, investing can be intimidating. Given the amount of time and commitment required to make the best possible investing decisions, we often just end up relying on our families, friends, or co-workers for financial advice.

But we’re here to tell you why that’s a bad idea.

Any of your personal financial decisions have to be just that- PERSONAL, individual, made-to-measure for you and your future life goals.
You might want to begin by asking? ‘What are my needs?’ and believe us if one of them includes leading a financially independent and secure life, then you must begin investing, keeping your short-term and long-term needs in mind.

Plus, this has the added advantage of helping you quantify those goals and sustainably turn them into reality!

Investing is not rocket science nor is it a luxury, it’s a basic financial skill that everyone should have access to. And Stack aims to level the playing field for EVERYONE.

Simplified Investment

Meet Stacks - designed keeping your goals in mind

While many of us might wish to invest, studies suggest less than 2% of India actually does. Instead, most rely on traditional securities such as property, gold, bank deposits, and insurance or pension funds.

Stacks are investing, simplified.

With a mission to make investing easy, user-oriented, and accessible to all, Stacks are pre-built portfolios that track different segments of the economy and cater to you and your individual investing needs by diversifying your savings, so you avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

Designed by experts, Stacks help you strategically save for your life goals, and leave all the mental heavy lifting to us!

So how do Stacks work?

Whether it's your dream destination wedding five years down the line or the new phone you’ve been itching to get your hands on, build a Stack customised to what you need- choose your target amount, and how long you’d like to invest and let us handle the rest.

We assess your requirements and your risk appetite to suggest you, your perfect balanced portfolio.

Your custom built Stack helps you save 2-3X times better than other saving strategies because it invests across the entire stock market, minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

And what’s even better? We charge no additional fee from users to help facilitate this!

How do Stacks help you save better?

How to save in a better way

With Stacks, our mission was to make savings a seamless experience, and how do we do that? Through Rules of course! Rules minimise the effort required to track and stay on top of all your different investments, instead, they let your savings and investing strategies run on auto-pilot.

You can opt to make automated periodic savings to your Stacks with ‘Set and Forget', or save every time you spend with ‘RoundUp’ - which collects all your spare chillar from the expenses you make and automatically adds it to your Stack.

Now that we’ve convinced you on the merits of using Stacks for your savings and investments, go ahead and create your own!

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