Investing for Everyone

01 Aug, 20212 mins read
Investing for Everyone

How does Stack decode investing?

There was a time when being a smart investor was a luxury only the financially and socially affluent could afford. With a passion for personal finance and the motivation to turn India into an investing savvy country, we created Stack™ - to help people realise how to successfully generate wealth through investing channels.

Stack is an inclusive investing platform that helps its users quantify their life goals and reach them faster. We create personalized portfolios based on a user’s risk appetite, spending habits, and other economic behaviours - to build unique and customised investing experiences for everyone.

A lesson in
Reverse engineering

As an attempt to tackle the beast head on, we began with a question- Why is less than 2% of the country’s population investing in its markets? We sought to seek answers to the fundamental question on what hinders an individual's ability to do exactly so.

Ground Zero

We began with research...lots of it. And identified key barriers when it comes to people entering the market to invest. The first of which was a huge knowledge gap.

Indian households do not prioritise financial education for their children until they are way older, and when it comes to female children, money matters are EVEN lesser discussed , since men are considered masters of the family’s financial realm.

The result of which is that young India feels ill prepared and apprehensive of really taking charge of their financial situations, including the willingness to enter investing in equities and mutual funds.

The fear of

To add to that, we Indians seem to have a highly risk-phobic attitude when it comes to generating and preserving wealth - trusting FDs, Savings Accounts, gold, and other traditional modes over stocks and other fixed income funds.

Historically, while India’s markets were still young, FDs promised great returns for their investors, which ranged as high as 13% in the year 95-96.

But as markets began maturing and India truly emerged as one of the largest growing economies around the world, FD rates have dropped significantly than their 90s golden age.

Yet the shift of young first time investors to seize the wealth building opportunities investing has to offer, has been slow.

How does Stack help anyone invest like a Pro

To combat the growing information barriers and the lack of time and effort required to really grasp how to make financially healthy investing decisions, Stack’s approach was to provide automated and affordable investing solutions to the masses.

Stack is an investment platform that helps put your money to work so that you can achieve your life goals faster.

How do we do it?

We developed the Smart Stack Approach™, where our cutting-edge technology meets financial expertise- to create a personalised investment solution that focuses on carefully selecting the best and most appropriate funds based on an investor’s individual needs.

The Smart Stack Approach™ reflects a more successful and fundamental approach to investing by minimising our user’s risk and maximising their returns.


To help you visualise your investments better, Stack also developed WealthScience - an illustrative representation of your goals. This graph intends to show the likely and less likely expected returns based on different contribution and withdrawal choices, investment time horizons, and portfolio allocations. And while actual results will depend on market activity, Wealthscience helps quantify and simplify your investment strategy.

WealthScience also provides allocation, savings, and withdrawal advice alongside a projection graph when users view their goal projection.

If what you read excited you, go on and give Stack a try, you no longer even need tons of money stashed away, begin with as little as INR 100 and watch that money multiply.

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