Rules that make investing fun!

15 Aug, 20212 mins read
Rules that make investing fun!

Here at Stack, Rules are an integral part of saving and investing for your future life goals.

We simply believe in making investing as effortless and accessible as possible. Our idea was to develop a hassle-free alternative to keeping track of multiple financial commitments and responsibilities.

Rules help you sort your financial decisions out smartly and can bring about a real change in your financial behaviour while they’re at it. Studies find that people who use automated saving strategies end up investing more regularly and systematically (and hence reap better rewards) than their lump sum paying counterparts.


Out with the old, in with the new!

By having your investments work on hands-free mode, you not only end up saving more, but you can customise a strategy that suits your lifestyle and adapts to your financial behaviours. SIPs are great but they are also pretty old school and don’t offer as much wiggle room as our Rules do!

How do Rules help you save smarter🧠?

Our Rules help automate your savings strategy, so that your investments practically run on autopilot. Stack makes rules fun - they help you quantify your goals, visualise them and make your journey towards achieving them effortless.

Rule 1: Set & Forget

These are automatic monthly payments towards your goals, all you have to do is set a fixed date and an amount, and Stack handles the rest for you!

Our tip? Start with an amount as low as Rs. 500 and pick a date close to when you expect more cash in hand, and trust us, you won’t even miss a thing.

Rule 2 : The 52 Week Challenge

Wanna save for the entire year? Well you gotta start somewhere! And Stack gives you 52 opportunities to do so. The 52 Week Rule helps you make gradual weekly payments to your savings based on your set day and target increment.

So, for instance, you can choose to save as low as Rs. 100 on Week 1, then Rs. 200 on Week 2, Rs. 300 on Week get the drill! And find yourself Rs. 1,37,800 richer by the end of the year.

Rule 3 : Round Up

Put your spare change to work, with RoundUp. Just set up a digit you’d like to round up to, everytime you make a purchase, and enjoy a chillar party! For instance, you may choose to round up your Zomato order, your Uber ride or your Amazon spree- to the nearest 10th digit and set it aside towards your savings.

Rule 4 : Boost

Received a bonus? Utilise extra money towards realising your goals faster, by boosting them! A boost is a special lumpsum amount you can add towards your savings, when you have the extra cash.

How do Rules work on Stack?

For every Stack you create, you can choose one or multiple Rules, to help you set a disciplined savings regiment in place.

Access all your active rules on the Home screen, and keep track of all the Rules you use.

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