NPS - National Pension Scheme

07 Feb, 20242 mins read
NPS - National Pension Scheme


Imagine yourself sitting amongst the hills in your beautiful home, sipping tea while your children are well settled in their careers. This can be your retirement if you choose to redefine the meaning of retirement and your experience after retirement. 

NPS or the National Pension Scheme is a scheme perfect for those looking to retire securely. It is a government sponsored scheme aimed at providing pension since its launch in 2004. It gives people a unique opportunity to curate their retirement that is satisfying and secure. 

The Basics

The National Pension Scheme was launched in 2004 with the aim of providing people an opportunity to voluntarily curate their retirement in such a way that they can systematically save during their earning years. 

Employees in the public, private, and even unorganised sectors are eligible for this pension plan, with the exception of those in the military forces.

Throughout their career, the program encourages participants to make regular contributions to a pension account. The subscribers may withdraw a certain portion of the corpus upon retirement. After you retire, the balance will be paid to you as an NPS account holder as a monthly pension. 

This scheme is extremely beneficial for private sector employees seeking regular pension post retirement but the one major plus point of this scheme is that it is portable across different jobs across the country. It also has major tax advantages under Section 80C.

The NPS has a tripartite structure consisting of:

  • Subscriber
  • Fund Manager 
  • Central Record Agency 

Through active management of their pension funds, individuals are able to assure responsibility through this transparent system. 

Why choose NPS ?

  1. Tax Benefits

NPS provides members with alluring tax advantages. Tax-conscious investors may find the National Pension System (NPS) to be a desirable alternative because contributions made under it are eligible for a deduction under Section 80C and an additional deduction under Section 80CCD(1B) for contributions up to Rs. 50,000.

  1. Flexibility in Investment Options

NPS offers a variety of investing options, letting users divide their money between government bonds, fixed deposits, and stocks. People can customize their investment strategy according to their financial objectives and risk tolerance thanks to this flexibility.

  1. Compounding and Wealth Accumulation

The NPS skillfully uses compounding to its full potential. The plan, which emphasizes long-term wealth accumulation, enables people to take advantage of compound returns, which eventually results in a sizeable corpus for retirement.

Challenges with NPS

  1. Risks in the market

NPS exposes investors to market risks even as it offers the chance to invest in stocks. In order to reduce these risks, it becomes imperative to understand one's risk appetite and build a balanced portfolio.

  1. Constraints in liquidity

Because NPS is a long-term commitment, early withdrawals are not permitted. To prevent any liquidity issues, subscribers must be informed of the lock-in time and make financial plans appropriately.

Mode of Secure Retirement

  1. Pension Annuity Options: Members can use their corpus to buy an annuity when they retire, which will guarantee them a steady income stream in their post-employment years. The ability to select from a variety of annuity alternatives gives the scheme even more customizing options.
  2. Financial Discipline: NPS helps people have a disciplined approach to their finances. Regular and methodical contributions guarantee that members are steadily increasing their retirement fund, encouraging a long-term financial planning habit.


With its flexibility, long-term outlook, and tax advantages, the National Pension Scheme is a powerful tool for guaranteeing a secure retirement. The NPS provides a systematic route to a future that is both fulfilling and worry-free as we traverse the challenging landscape of personal finance. Accepting this plan might be a crucial step in making sure our golden years are actually golden.

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