How wealth tech can change your life

01 Dec, 20224 mins read
How wealth tech can change your life
Wealth Tech
Wealth Tech

2200+ companies in India are working in the fintech segment. Around 19% of those companies are in the payments sector. This is followed by lending and then wealth tech.

This means there is a sincere effort in making huge transactions by consumers easier. You've used these services for your Netflix subscription, grocery shopping, online purchases and even when you're buying a pack of cigarettes at a store.

Simplicity in spending comes with a huge cost. Allowing instant gratification to take away your potential future wealth, for the more valuable things in life like home ownership or retirement.

We've all asked these questions

  • Where should I invest?
  • Is it the right time to buy a house?
  • What is the right portfolio diversification for my goals?
  • How do I pay less taxes?

This is where 'Wealth Tech' comes in.

What is 'Wealth-Tech'?

Wealth tech is a space that aims to help you make better decisions with your finances. This includes, but isn’t limited to, financial investments, tax planning, risk profiling, insurance for health and business advisory

'Wealth-tech' or wealth management technology refers to the combination of technology such as AI & Big Data along with financial assets stocks, mutual funds, and credit investments to create a better wealth growth and management experience.

  • Investment management - Develop an investment strategy tailored to your goals and risk tolerance. Portfolio management and rebalancing when required based on changes in the financial climate.
  • Financial planning - Develop a financial plan that includes saving, investing and spending goals. Plan for retirement, higher education and other major life events. Adjusting these plans based on individual circumstances.
  • Tax Advice - Advice on how to structure your finances in a way that minimizes your tax liability. This is especially important if you own your own business or have multiple income streams.
  • Estate planning - Develop a plan for what will happen to your assets after your demise. This may include creating a will or trust and designated beneficiaries.

WealthTech changes how individuals and companies manage their finances.

Where does wealth tech stand in India right now?

Only 3 per cent of the Indian population invests at the moment. With the rise of wealth tech, more people have begun their investing journey in the last 5 years. The gap between you as a potential investor and the stock market is reducing rapidly.

Before the advent of technology, if you wanted to make a trade in stock, you would need to call your stockbroker to place an order. The commission rates for buying and selling stocks were fixed. These rates used to be quite high because of a lack of information.

In recent decades, India's wealth management services have undergone and continue to undergo an incredible transformation. An increase in disposable income indicates the wealth management sector's potential for growth. Thanks to investment technology, the digitally savvy and socially conscious millennials and Gen Z are now in the game.

Today, the affluent middle class is rapidly expanding. With nearly 80% of households predicted to be middle-income by 2030, the country’s high-net-worth individual (HNI) population is expected to increase by 75% to 6.11 Lakhs in 2025. Ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNIs) are expected to increase by 63% during the same period.

Being tech-enabled is a huge advantage with the rise of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. AI systems examine a customer’s financial history, habits, and current financial situation to determine the best course of action and provide effective financial advice to individuals with diverse portfolios and wealth.

How can Wealth-Tech help you improve your financial decisions in the future?

  • Analysis of data, research and execution of purchasing retail and exclusive financial products with ease.
  • Seamless tech support from client onboarding, fund selection, execution, and performance review.
  • View and manage your entire portfolio in one place.
  • One-on-one financial advisory to make major monetary decisions and reduce tax liability.
  • Ability to classify investment portfolio towards goals based on your risk profile with goal progress and tracking.

But why should you invest in a wealth tech platform?

Beating inflation, building your wealth, reducing reckless spending and reaching your financial objectives in life are the tip of the iceberg.

The competitive advantage of investing with a modern wealth tech platform is as follows -

Stack Wealth vs Other Wealth Tech
Stack Wealth vs Other Wealth Tech

How Stack is revolutionizing the wealth-tech space

We help you invest like the top 1%.

Stack lets you access exclusive wealth creation opportunities by helping you invest in premium multi-asset portfolios managed by real experts.

Invest in debt, Indian & US equity, gold, private credit and more exclusive opportunities based on your risk appetite to reach your financial goals.

You can track, automate, and predict your wealth growth with our app and stay up to date with all your investments through simple, detailed weekly & monthly reports. Good financial habits deserve great rewards.

That’s why our investors are given free US Stocks for every investment made on the app.

At Stack, we grow your wealth like it's ours. Invest like the top 1% with expert-built diversified portfolios ✨

disclaimer: the information provided in this blog is for general informational purposes only. it should not be considered as personalised investment advice. each investor should do their due diligence before making any decision that may impact their financial situation and should have an investment strategy that reflects their risk profile and goals. the examples provided are for illustrative purposes. past performance does not guarantee future results. data shared from third parties is obtained from what are considered reliable sources; however, it cannot be guaranteed. any articles, daily news, analysis, and/or other information contained in the blog should not be relied upon for investment purposes. the content provided is neither an offer to sell nor purchase any security. opinions, news, research, analysis, prices, or other information contained on our blog services, or emailed to you, are provided as general market commentary. stack does not warrant that the information is accurate, reliable or complete. any third-party information provided does not reflect the views of stack. stack shall not be liable for any losses arising directly or indirectly from misuse of information. each decision as to whether a self-directed investment is appropriate or proper is an independent decision by the reader. all investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money invested.

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