Why are Bitcoins rising these days?

26 Mar, 20244 mins read
Why are Bitcoins rising these days?


With its recent, explosive increase in value, Bitcoin has captured the attention of the financial world and stands as a beacon of innovation and fascination in the always changing world of digital currencies. The cryptocurrency that started a revolution is making headlines and talks again as its price soars to unprecedented heights, leaving both seasoned investors and interested bystanders wondering why it has risen so quickly. What, therefore, is driving Bitcoin's comeback, and why is it significant in the larger scheme of the financial markets?

After a tumultuous 2023, where Bitcoin's price fell by over 50%, it's back with a vengeance. In just the past few months, its price has skyrocketed by 5-6% in a single day, reaching levels not seen since its November 2021 peak.

As a result of the recent spike in price of Bitcoin, which is sometimes described to as a "bull run," institutional investors seeking diversification and individual traders hoping to profit from the possibility of large returns have both renewed interest in the cryptocurrency industry. This increase is more than just a passing trend; rather, it is a noteworthy development that highlights Bitcoin's lasting appeal and endurance as a speculative asset and store of value.

A perfect storm of circumstances that have come together to support Bitcoin's price growth is at the core of its ascent. The stars appear to be in favor of Bitcoin, driving it to new heights and reigniting the frenzy that marked the cryptocurrency bubble of yesteryears, despite macroeconomic uncertainty, fears of inflation, expanding institutional usage, and growing mainstream acceptance.

The rise of Bitcoin presents important issues regarding the direction of finance, the function of decentralized technology, and the changing dynamics of international markets as it continues to defy doubters and critics. Come along on this voyage as we investigate the reasons for Bitcoin's recent upsurge, examine the ramifications of its resurrection for the larger financial ecosystem, and solve the puzzles surrounding its latest spike. Prepare to explore the world of Bitcoin, where opportunity and volatility collide and innovation and tradition meet.

Key Factors Fueling the Bitcoin Boom

  1. Bitcoin ETFs

The accessibility of Bitcoin investments has increased dramatically with the recent introduction of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, drawing both institutional and retail investors. For instance, in a single day, BlackRock's iShares Bitcoin ETF (IBIT) bought nearly $778 million worth of bitcoin, adding 12,600 bitcoins to its portfolio. Because of this financial inflow, there is now less Bitcoin available, increasing its value overall. The price of Bitcoin has increased from around $50,000 to over $72,000 since the SEC approved the first Bitcoin ETFs in the United States, demonstrating the beneficial effects of these investment vehicles for the cryptocurrency market.

  1. Bitcoin Halving Event

A key factor affecting Bitcoin's scarcity and price is the idea of "Bitcoin halving," which would cut the rate at which new Bitcoins are created in half. The goal of this supply reduction is to artificially create scarcity, much like with valuable materials like gold, which will raise the price of Bitcoin. It is anticipated that the impending halving event in April 2024 will increase Bitcoin's scarcity even more, which could raise its worth. Price rallies have typically followed halving events in the past, suggesting a pattern of rising demand and value growth. Historically, halving events have coincided with significant price increases for Bitcoin. For instance, the previous halving in 2020 was followed by a price surge of over 300% within a year.

  1. Institutional Adoption

Prominent organizations have demonstrated an increasing interest in cryptocurrencies, with some, like billionaire investor Bill Miller and investment banking behemoth Morgan Stanley, dedicating a sizeable percentage of their fortune to crypto holdings. In addition to improving market sentiment, this institutional adoption shows that digital assets are becoming more widely accepted. The CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, for example, has emphasized tokenization as the next generation of markets, highlighting the growing institutional participation in the cryptocurrency field.

  1. Retail Investor Confidence

The increase in the number of addresses holding Bitcoin indicates that more and more regular investors are joining the market. A fresh two-year high in the quantity of Bitcoin addresses holding more than 10 BTC was reported by Glassnode Alerts on Twitter, suggesting a rise in confidence among larger retail investors. Furthermore, the quantity of addresses possessing more than one Bitcoin hit a record high of 979,707, indicating a larger group of individual investors engaging in the bitcoin market.

Is This the New Bitcoin Bull Run?

Experts and analysts are divided in their opinions on the current Bitcoin bull run. While some believe that the ongoing surge in Bitcoin's price is fueled by factors like the approval of spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the upcoming Bitcoin halving, others caution against overly optimistic predictions. For instance, Rachel Lin, the CEO of SynFutures, highlights that while the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs is a significant milestone, it may not lead to immediate new all-time highs for crypto asset prices. Lin suggests that the market may bottom out and begin recovering more meaningfully by Q4 2024, indicating a cautious outlook for the short term.

Investors are advised to conduct thorough and independent research before making investment decisions in the volatile cryptocurrency market. While the recent approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs and the upcoming Bitcoin halving are seen as positive catalysts for the market, it is essential for investors to approach the market with caution and a long-term perspective. The market's maturity, regulatory environment, technological advancements, and global economic conditions all play a role in shaping the trajectory of Bitcoin's price movement.

Let us see some key statistics that point out the Bitcoin Bull Run

  • The current Bitcoin bull run has seen the leading cryptocurrency's price rise by 70% this year, reaching new record highs above $72,000.
  • Data from Kaiko indicates that less than 2,000 millionaires, or wallets with $1 million worth of Bitcoin, are created daily during this bull run, a slower rate compared to the previous uptrend.
  • In the past, the last bull run bred over 4,000 millionaire wallets per day and over 2,000 wallets with a $10 million balance per day, showcasing a difference in the pace of wealth creation in the current market.
  • Nearly 60% of analysts polled by Finder believe that the upcoming Bitcoin halving will trigger a bull run and a price rally in the cryptocurrency market, indicating optimism about future price movements.
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