Flexicap King: Diversify strategically across all market caps

04 Feb, 20244 mins read
Flexicap King: Diversify strategically across all market caps

Table Of Content

  • Our Investment Strategy for Flexicap Kings
  • What do you invest in with Flexicap Kings?
  • Flexicap Kings: Pros and Cons
  • Flexicap Kings: Annualised past returns
  • Who should invest in Flexicap Kings?

Quick Summary

Participate in India’s growth story by investing in a divesrified manner. Invest in "Flexicap Kings" a mutual fund portfolio that gives you the flexibility to invest in companies of various sizes, aiming for optimal returns by adjusting your portfolio composition based on market conditions and opportunities.

As India's economy expands from $3 trillion to $10 trillion, our goal is to invest in companies that are developing the essential infrastructure, including ports, power plants, railroads, roads, and more. Businesses will find it easier to operate in the nation as a result of these initiatives, which will lower logistical costs and increase connectivity. Businesses and investors alike can benefit greatly from taking part in and making investments in India's growth story.

Putting money into building infrastructure is a great way to boost the economy as a whole. These programs solve important issues including energy, logistics, and transportation, setting the stage for long-term advancement. As these projects are completed, they have a knock-on impact that boosts demand in a number of industries and improves the state of the economy as a whole.

The decrease in logistics expenses is one of the immediate results of infrastructure investment. Faster and more economical movement of commodities is made possible by well-connected networks and efficient transportation systems. Businesses may deploy resources more effectively when transportation costs decline, which boosts their competitiveness in the market.

Flexicap funds generally tend to significantly outperform mainstream benchmark indexes over numerous time periods due to the fund manager's flexibility in investing in equities across different market capitalization sectors.

Our Investment Strategy for Flexicap Kings

This portfolio uses a flexicap investing technique by combining three different approaches.

  • A combination of bottom-up and top-down macro and micro research methods to identify stocks with long-term potential.
  • A combination of investments from different market caps, making opportunistic bets outside of benchmarks.
  • An overexposure to the key industries that stand to gain from economic changes and the recovery of the capital cycle.

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What do you invest in with Flexicap Kings ?

  • A varied collection of small-, mid-, and large-cap stocks.
  • Large-cap firms that have a strong market value, good stability, and moderate returns.
  • Mid-cap businesses that strike a balance between risk and growth potential.
  • Small-cap enterprises that have a greater growth potential than larger corporations.

Flexicap Kings: Pros and Cons


  • It spreads risk by covering large to small businesses.
  • To maximise returns, the fund manager can choose to modify the portfolio in response to market conditions.
  • It captures the market segment growth throughout


  • Varies according on size and industry, increasing return volatility
  • It requires the fund manager to have a thorough awareness of several aspects and industries.
  • Market changes require the fund management to actively adjust the market-cap allocation.

Flexicap Kings: Annualised past returns 

  • Your investment is divided among the ideal large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap companies in the Flexicap Kings portfolio to optimize returns and reduce short-term volatility.
  • It has a very high risk rating. 
  • Benchmark: NIFTY 500- TRI

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Who should invest with Flexicap Kings Stack ?

Investors looking for a balanced strategy would find the Flexicap Kings portfolio appealing. This strategy works best for investors who feel comfortable having a mix of large, mid, and small companies in their portfolio and who think allocations should be changed in response to changes in the market. This portfolio will appeal to investors seeking diversification across market segments and growth potential at various stages of the economy. However, because they are exposed to a range of industries and sizes, people should be ready for perhaps increased risk and market volatility. Flexi cap is the best option for patient investors who have faith in knowledgeable fund managers to skillfully handle shifting market conditions.

  • This is ideal for the age group of 18 years upto 50 years
  • This is for investors who delve in aggressive risk investing 
  • Investment horizon of 5+ years
  • You can expect competitive returns by diversifying market caps
  • This is ideal for investors with the financial goals of wealth creation, asset diversification and education planning.


1. What are diversified market cap mutual funds?

Diversified market cap mutual funds invest in companies across the market spectrum, from large-cap blue chips to mid-cap and small-cap growth companies. This diversification aims to balance risk and potential returns across market cap segments.

2. What are the benefits of investing in diversified market cap mutual funds?

- Reduces risk: By spreading investments across different company sizes, you're less exposed to the volatility of any single segment.
- Broader market exposure: Gains access to potential growth across various company sizes and sectors.
- Long-term wealth creation: Provides a balanced approach for long-term capital appreciation.

3. Are diversified market cap funds better than large-cap or small-cap funds?

It depends on your risk tolerance and investment goals. Diversified funds offer stability compared to single-cap funds, but may not provide the same high potential returns. Choose based on your risk appetite and timeframe.

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