What are PPFAS Mutual Funds?

25 Feb, 20243 mins read
What are PPFAS Mutual Funds?


In the diverse landscape of mutual funds in India, PPFAS Mutual Fund stands out as a beacon of integrity, transparency, and long-term value creation. Founded on the principles of prudent investing and investor-centric philosophy, PPFAS Mutual Fund has carved a niche for itself in the industry. In this blog, we'll delve into the ethos of PPFAS Mutual Fund, its investment philosophy, unique approach, and the principles that guide its journey towards wealth creation for investors.

Breaking Down the PPFAS Mutual Fund

The goal of PPFAS Mutual Fund, formerly known as Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Mutual Fund, was to provide investors with a unique investing experience based on ethics, transparency, and fiduciary duty. It was founded in 2013. The fund house is a division of the well-known financial advising company Parag Parikh Financial advising Services Ltd (PPFAS), which has been in business for more than thirty years.

Their Philosophy of Investing

The goal of creating long-term value through rigorous portfolio management and wise investing is at the core of the investment philosophy of PPFAS Mutual Fund. The fund chooses stocks using a bottom-up methodology that emphasizes companies' inherent worth over cyclical market swings. The following are pillars of the investment philosophy of PPFAS Mutual Fund:

  • Value Investing: PPFAS Mutual Fund invests in businesses that are trading below their true value in an effort to capture value. The fund seeks out high-caliber companies with enduring competitive advantages, capable management groups, and promising future growth.
  • Global Diversification: By making a combination of domestic and foreign equity investments, PPFAS Mutual Fund places a strong emphasis on global diversification. The fund supports regional diversification as a means of reducing risk and seizing opportunities in various markets and economies.
  • Focus on Quality: PPFAS Mutual Fund places a strong emphasis on investing in companies that have strong financial indicators, steady profits growth, and long-term competitive advantages. Firms with solid foundations, good governance, and shareholder-friendly management are given priority by the fund.
  • Long-Term View: The PPFAS Mutual Fund focuses on capital preservation and long-term, sustainable wealth generation with a lengthy investment horizon. The fund invests in companies with long-term growth potential and holds onto its investments through market cycles in an effort to provide superior risk-adjusted returns.

Their Approach

The PPFAS Mutual Fund sets itself apart from conventional mutual funds with its own method of asset allocation, portfolio building, and investment decision-making. Several crucial facets of its methodology comprise:

  • Concentrated Portfolio: The PPFAS Mutual Fund usually consists of 20 to 25 carefully chosen companies that make up a concentrated portfolio of high-conviction stocks. The fund may invest in its greatest ideas and take advantage of the potential for long-term wealth growth since it prioritizes quality above quantity.
  • Global Exposure: Through its Global Value Fund, which invests in a broad portfolio of premium firms listed on foreign stock exchanges, PPFAS Mutual Fund provides investors with exposure to international equities. This gives investors exposure to global growth drivers and geographic diversity options.
  • Disciplined Risk Management: PPFAS Mutual Fund employs a systematic approach to risk management, emphasizing capital preservation and downside risk control. The fund uses thorough investigation, evaluation, and due diligence to find and eliminate possible risks from its investment holdings.
  • Open Communication: PPFAS Mutual Fund keeps open lines of communication with investors by regularly offering information, analysis, and commentary on holdings in the portfolio, changes in the market, and investing strategy. In its dealings with investors, the fund aspires to promote transparency, accountability, and trust.

Their Principles

The guiding principles and ideals of PPFAS Mutual Fund serve as the foundation for both its investment strategy and its operational procedures. Among these guidelines are:

  • Integrity & Ethics: In all of its interactions with stakeholders, regulators, and investors, PPFAS Mutual Fund maintains the highest levels of professionalism, ethics, and integrity. Transparency, honesty, and integrity are given top priority by the fund when making investment decisions and conducting business.
  • Fiduciary Responsibilities: PPFAS Mutual Fund acknowledges that it has a fiduciary duty to prioritize investors' long-term financial security and to act in their best interests. The fund takes a client-centric stance, matching incentives with investor results and prioritizing investors' interests over its own.
  • Investor Education: PPFAS Mutual Fund is dedicated to empowering and educating investors. To this end, it offers tools, resources, and instructional materials to assist investors in making wise financial decisions. The fund is committed to providing investors with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully navigate the complex world of financial markets.
  • Sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues: PPFAS Mutual Fund takes into account the ethical practices and long-term viability of the companies in its portfolio when incorporating ESG factors into its investment process. Through its investment choices, the fund seeks to improve society and acknowledges the significance of responsible investing.


In the mutual fund business, PPFAS Mutual Fund personifies the values of responsible investing, openness, and investor empowerment. PPFAS Mutual Fund is redefining excellence and setting new standards for wealth creation in India with its value-driven investment philosophy, distinctive strategy, and steadfast dedication to integrity and ethics. PPFAS Mutual Fund, with its guiding values of integrity, fiduciary responsibility, and investor-centricity, continues to be a reliable partner and custodian of investor wealth as investors seek transparency, accountability, and long-term value development.

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